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About the course

This is an introductory course where students will learn the fundamentals of designing web pages that are functional, accessible, extensible, and aesthetically pleasing. Students will...

  • Build web pages using HTML5 with links, images, tables, and forms.
  • Use style sheets (CSS3) to add colors, backgrounds, text format, page layout, and basic animations.
  • Design web sites that display properly on mobile and touch screen devices.
  • Create web graphics optimized for accessibility and quick download.
  • Learn how JavaScript is used to build and manage larger web sites.

Students are required to...

  • Read the assigned textbook chapters and complete online quizzes to prepare for lecture and labs.
  • Meet for lecture two hours per week where the instructor will describe concepts and examples that are not easily understood from the reading alone.
  • Meet for lab two hours per week to learn skills and complete activities based on the concepts covered in lecture.
  • Complete 3 major projects based on the skills learned in lab.
  • Complete a mid-term exam and a comprehensive final exam to demonstrate expert subject knowledge.

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About the instructor

  • Dr. Jami Cotler

    ...has been teaching at Siena for 20 years. She has taught Introduction to Computer Science, Management Information Systems, Database Applications, Human-Computer Interaction and Stress free computing.

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